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Bluffing News: Babu Makes Satya Nadella Microsoft MD

After developing Hyderabad and putting it on the IT map, Chandra Babu was voted out of power for his contribution towards planning and changing the once sleepy little city into a hustling and bustling place full of dust, pollution and traffic jams. Suddenly, the world forgot all about the famous Hyderabadi biryani, the awesome pearls and of course Charminar.

The faded, four-minaret structure which welcomes tourists from all over the world was no longer the official symbol of Hyderabad.

After Babu happened to Hyderabad and its people, Hyderabad became synonymous with Hi-Tech building.

The building with which Babu roped in major IT giants like Microsoft and Google to set up their offices and BPOs by hiring fresh graduates irrespective of their qualification. The bigger the company, the speeder it set up a shop here as they wanted to make the most of the ‘talent’ by paying them peanuts when compared to their American and other Western counterparts.

To cut a long story short, 10 years passed by and Babu is back in power. After the exit polls claimed that Babu was least likely to be voted to power, there he was back to selling the corporate dream to the now divided Andhra Pradesh.

This time, he promises to turn Andhra Pradesh into Singapore or Dubai or Shanghai. And yes, he no longer wants to be seen as a CM. Instead, he calls himself the CEO of Andhra Pradesh.

And CEO Babu has now made Satya Nadella the new MD of Microsoft in ‘his’ IT world. Not one to be tired of speaking about his contributions for the IT sector development in united Andhra Pradesh, Babu reinforced that all IT boom was a result of his planning at the Guntur Police Parade Grounds.

He said Hyderabad earned its revenue solely due to him and how he prepared the ground for IT professionals to thrive in their careers across the globe.

We are sure it was he who had put in a kind word to Bill Gates, to give ‘Telugu’ man Satya Nadella a chance to prove his skills as the MD of Microsoft.



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