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Authentic Homemade Indian Tiffin - Free Delivery

Authentic Homemade Indian Tiffin - Free Delivery

The craze for Indian food is shaping bigger than ever, and not only the NRIs but the western community too finds solace in the appetizing Asian piquancy. The U.S. is witnessing a strong migration of Indians for varied reasons that prominently raise the demand for homeland taste.

Realizing the distant hope of many, our hunger-quenching ready to eat Indian food serves the heart of countless people gorging upon the taste of authentic Indian food.

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Indian Tiffin: Packed with nutrition and delectable taste, Indian ready to eat tiffin delivery comes in varied subscriptions, offering weekly, biweekly and monthly deliveries with zero shipping charges. Affordable, certainly yes! While many rests upon the chosen flavors every day, Quicklly’s ready to eat Indian food or instant pot meal kits festoon your palate, offering an array of choices for your binge-eating.

Delivering across doorsteps the warm smoky bowls of aromatic chicken biryani, tofu rice, paneer rice, vegetable biryani, and more to name a few, there’s a great variety for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to sweeten the pot of hunger deliciously! Chow down the spicy palate of Indian masala that comes packed in meal boxes to eat, enjoy and repeat.

Extra taste yet calorie deficit, our nutritious taste of homemade Indian food, gives you a richer bite with wholesome delight!

Simmer Sauces
Spruce your Indian food with love and a range of most-loved Simmer Sauce. Seasonings made to enrich your food with a burst of flavors adds aroma and desi spice that gets richer with every bite. Choose from our 6+ buttery Simmer Sauces made to add that much-loved taste of India.

Dry Packed Meal Kits
Treat yourself with our Quicklly made dry-packed meal kits - an easy-to-make and quick to relish meal fix, offering enticing flavors of Indian spices that comes as Dal Makhni Kit, Misal Kit, Pav Bhaji Kit, Upma Kit, and more. Pour the contents in boiling water and resist for just 5 minutes. Too long a wait? Well, we couldn’t agree more!

Celebrating the diversity of Indian food, Quicklly is your next-door buddy hearing your stomach growling for the masaledar desi food. Order in just a click and hear us ringing your doorbells with mouth-amusing, ready to eat Indian food Quicklly.

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