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Are There No Other Worthy Names?

Are There No Other Worthy Names?

Chandrababu Naidu has sent a proposal to the Centre that Gannavaram airport be named after NT Rama Rao. This is not a proper thing to do! Andhra Pradesh consists of many castes, communities and religions.

Why then is the name of a person from one particular caste only being considered for all projects, welfare schemes, etc? If not the name of NTR, then it is Chandranna Sankranthi scheme, Chandranna marugudodlu or some other thing. 

Similarly, another community has renamed Kadapa district as YSR district and gone about erecting statues of the late leader at every nook and corner of the State.

Are there no other castes or luminaries in Andhra Pradesh after whom airports and projects can be named?

In what way is NT Rama Rao greater than Potti Sriramulu who sacrificed his life for a Telugu State or Alluri Seetharamaju, the lion? Politicians only speak about the betterment of Dalits, but Seetharamaraju lived with them and died fighting for their cause.

Similarly, there are many great people who have made the Telugus and Andhras proud. Yet, every single time, the name of NTR is chanted ad nauseam. Such blatant propagation of casteist politics would only serve to alienate the major sections of people from the ruling dispensation and create unrest and a sense of insecurity. 

Society can only thrive in a culture of integration and not through casteist jingoism.



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