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Anasuya to Host TASC Ugadhi Celebrations

Anasuya to Host TASC Ugadhi Celebrations

Las Angeles: Telugu Association of Southern California (TASC) 2015 team is gearing up to bring you one of the most entertaining event of the year - TASC UGADI and Srirama Navami vedukalu on Saturday March 28th, 2015 from 2 PM to 7 PM.

It's going to be packed with complete 100% entertainment with Tollywood singers, famous TV hosts and as always our local talent.

We are designing a Telugu culture rich event with a variety of programs for the day - traditional dances, folk songs, singing, comedy skits, Spoofs, dances and many more fun filled events. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

For the first time ever a pair of Celebrity TV anchors are going to host the TASC Ugadi show with absolute non-stop entertainment.

We present to you Anchors Anasuya and Ravi - a something special combination of hosts to mesmerize the TASC members. You must have seen them on many popular TV shows and now they are coming to our Southern California to host a live show exclusively for our TASC.

Dynamic dual combination of singers - Melody queen Kousalya and Rockstar Revanth are going to sizzle with some great singing from various movies. We invite you to come and join the Ugadi/Srirama Navami celebrations and have fun with your family. A very delicious Telugu Festive dinner will be served for everyone attending the event.

Please visit mana-tasc to buy Membership or Event tickets. Free entry to all TASC events (Ugadi, Start Nite, Diwali and Picnic) to the entire family for a year (Year membership) or life (Life membership).



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