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American Telugu Convention 2020 from T.A.T.A in Dallas

American Telugu Convention 2020 from T.A.T.A in Dallas

Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A) met in Dallas and made a grand announcement on the upcoming convention American Telugu Convention in May 2020.

Attended by T.A.T.A President Vikram and Advisory Council member Vijaypal Reddy among other national and core members from Dallas including Executive Director Mahesh Adibhatla, Jt. Secretary Neelohita Kotta, Board Director Chandra Police, Regional Vice-President Sunitha Tripuram, Standing Committee Chairs Sameera Illendula, Vamsi Vuppala, Rathna Vuppala, International Coordinator Pavan Gangadhara, Social Media Co-Chair Deepthi Suryadevara, Regional Coordinators Niranjan Booditha, Srini Tula, Shanti Nuthi among others.  

The team in unison declared that the deliberations, the aspirations and the excitement won’t cease until they deliver a world class American Telugu Convention (ATC) on May 22nd, May 23rd, May 24th 2020.

President Vikram Jangam thanked Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy for trusting in Team Dallas, for having confidence and ensured the convention will be one of its kind!

Advisory Council member Vijaypal Reddy said the conference will bridge the gap between the youth and the not so young.

Mahesh Adibhatla mentioning the highlights that include such as impeccable hospitality, mouthwatering delicacies from Telangana and Andhra, cultural programs that will groove the audience also thanked Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy for his visionary thoughts and actions that led to the success that T.A.T.A is enjoying.

Neelohita Kotta went on to explain that the team is eagerly waiting for delivering an outstanding fete similar to ATC 2018 convention. 

Chandra Police appealed all Telugu people in Dallas and across all of North America to support the upcoming convention. 

The team in unison opined that they will work selflessly towards the success of the upcoming American Telugu Convention at Irving Convention Center in May 2020!


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