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American Dreams Vs American Nightmares

American Dreams Vs American Nightmares

The land of opportunities, the USA, is no longer the same for everyone. Only highly talented individuals who can break through the competition and seize whatever little opportunity the nation offers can find a life there.

Gone are the days when American dreams were fulfilled by obtaining a student visa to the country. Now, the latest surveys, students' worries, social media posts and expert opinions are startling.

"My education will soon be completed. I haven't found a job, nor is there any indication of getting one. All I have to do is fly back to India. But my education loan is frightening me. I cannot clear it with the job I'll get in India," cried a student, expressing that American education is only for the wealthy who can afford such extravagance.

“The golden age of living the American dream is over. It is now a waste of money and energy to come to the US for higher studies unless you intend to return after your degree. The reason is high fees, low wage, and less chances of being selected in the H1-B lottery and no chance of getting a green card,” read a post on X.

“The situation is not very favourable now. If one has enough money and is in a position to afford the Master’s education, they can try coming to the US. But it is not advisable to bet everything you have and come here,” read another post.

"Life in the USA is not as encouraging as dreamt. It costs a lot to live here, but finding odd jobs is difficult. Illegal migrants from Mexico, Venezuala and other neighboring countries are taking away whatever odd jobs are available. They are content with whatever they get, as they comfortably sleep in tents and groups. But students are not like them. We cannot work for such meager earnings, as we cannot make ends meet. However, the American society is not willing to hire legal students for odd jobs when they find the choice of hiring illegal immigrants for lower wages", shared a student. 

A senior from a Telugu association says, "The USA is the land of opportunities only for the highly talented individuals with meticulous expertise and exceptional life skills. Arriving as a student in the USA to secure a job after education may turn into a nightmare for nine out of ten students in the long run. If you have the financial means and wish to study here for international exposure and then return, then it's fine. Otherwise, the situation becomes dire. The best option is to complete studies, find a good job in India, and then come here as an onsite employee."

There are many such posts on social media providing guidance for new age students and their parents. Merely dreaming of sending children to the USA like their peers wouldn't be a wise decision now.

The bottom line is that for highly exceptional students, America may be a dreamland, but for the rest, it may seem like a nightmare.


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