YSRCP USA 'SIDDHAM' for YATRA 2 pre-release

YSRCP USA 'SIDDHAM' for YATRA 2 pre-release

A Spectacular Showcase Unfolding in the Heart of Texas. Anticipation Soars as Yatra-2 Nears Release: A Cinematic Journey into Jagan's Political Odyssey.

Renowned director Mahi Raghav, celebrated for his versatile storytelling, is at the helm of the much-anticipated Yatra-2 movie, catapulting expectations with a gripping teaser.

Raghav, known for his meticulous approach to filmmaking, ensures every aspect of the movie exudes care and conviction, evident in the recently released teaser and songs. The cinematography, background music, and emotional scenes leave an indelible impression.

Movie enthusiasts, YSRCP cadre, and ardent followers of YSR and Jagan eagerly await the cinematic spectacle that Yatra-2 promises to deliver. Building up to the grand release, the movie unit has planned an extravagant pre-release event scheduled for February 4th, Sunday in Dallas City, Texas.

The organizers are leaving no stone unturned, orchestrating a massive car rally making it a standout event in Dallas city. All Telugu community members, cinema aficionados, and YSRCP supporters are extended a warm invitation to partake in the festivities.

The Mega Car Rally, commencing from Mahatma Gandhi Memorial-Thomas Jefferson Park at 3 PM, on Sunday, will traverse through the city, culminating at the Louis Willie Dew Event Center where the pre-release event will commence. Yatra-2, a sequel to the super hit Yatra released five years ago, delves into Jagan's political journey following the demise of late YSR.

The film is set to explore themes such as Odarpu Yatra, Jagan's departure from Congress to form his own party, his impactful padayatra, and the 2019 elections. The iconic Mammootty reprises his role as YSR, while Jeeva is playing the role of YS Jagan.

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