Experience the vibrant taste of Guntur

Experience the vibrant taste of Guntur

At, we prepare pickles and powders using a traditional stone-grinding process under strict hygiene standards. We do not use any preservatives. We start preparing the pickle only after receiving the order to ensure you enjoy the utmost freshness.

Typically, the chili powder available in the market, regardless of the brand, is produced by grinding dried chilies along with their stems. This process does not yield the purest form of chili powder.

At UrthIndia, we produce our chili powder without incorporating dried stems. We meticulously grind our chilies using a traditional mortar and pestle at low temperatures.

Our motto is not focused on selling in large quantities but on delivering a healthy, traditional serving. Stone-ground spice powders at undergo a careful process.

Each ingredient is individually roasted to unlock its unique flavors and aromas, and then ground into a coarse or fine powder using a Mortar and Pestle.

Our Menthi Pasupu Podi is the perfect replacement for turmeric powder in all dishes, offering a unique and vibrant taste. It combines turmeric sticks with a colorful blend of spices including coriander seeds, cumin, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, garlic, salt, and castor oil. Traditional stone grinding at low temperatures preserves their unique taste, fragrance, and health benefits. This Menthi Pasupu Podi is a super healthy spice mixture suitable for cooking curries, fries, dal, biryani, or for marinating meat or fish. It embodies ancient Indian culinary traditions, enhancing every ingredient.

From spicy summer blends to tangy treats, each jar captures the essence of Andhra Pradesh's summer.


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