2024's Biggest Gaming Trends in New Zealand

2024's Biggest Gaming Trends in New Zealand

It’s no secret that the population of New Zealand is large. Absolutely loves technology, from its rapid adoption of AI to its high level of smartphone penetration to its love of gaming and online casinos. And so it’s no surprise that nearly every single niche of the gaming sector within the country is seeing huge growth.

There are also a large number of online casinos that are accesible to players from New Zealand who want to enjoy an online casino experience, entertain themselves, and hopefully win some money. And so today we are indeed going to be looking a lot closer at the gaming industry in the country and putting the spotlight on some of the trends coming out of the sector this year.

The rise in the popularity of iGaming
A big contributor to the explosive growth of online gaming in the country, particularly at online casinos, is mobile gaming.

With such a high percentage of the population calling themselves smartphone owners, it’s no surprise that so many of these have found online casinos in the country very accessible, and not just that but a wide range that are accessible too, so that they can compare these and find the best deals and promotions for themselves so they stand the best chance of making sure they’ve chosen the right online casino to play at.

And there are plenty of sites online that specialise in comparing all of the top sites to save them time.

Online slots are on the rise
One of the most popular areas of online casinos that players absolutely love is slots. There are huge catalogues available on all of the top online sites, which means there are almost an endless number of slots to choose from. But how does this relate to the gaming population in New Zealand? Well, the niche within the online slots sector that is currently popular amongst players in the country is that of themed slots.

They prefer the type of slots that aren’t just your typical or standard pub fruits, but ones that employ and take them on a storyline journey that isn’t just linear and provides a much more engaging experience for the end player.

Delivering an immersive live experience
And so, what are the trends in the gaming industry at the moment? A big mover and disruptor, particularly within the online casino industry, is the live casino experience that some online operators are offering to their customers. The reason that these are so popular is that they take away the remoteness to some extent.

It makes players feel more immersed and engaged in the experience, as opposed to feeling like they are just playing against a computer. It makes the whole experience feel more authentic, despite the fact that they are playing either on their smartphone or on their laptop or tablet. It’s for this reason that more online casinos than ever before are racing to include this facility.

Mobile gaming is the dominant channel
When it comes to mobile gaming, this is a big trend for those in New Zealand. And this then translates into the ever-increasing demand for smartphones that are at the higher end of the performance spectrum.

Having the resources to deliver the most seamless experience when it comes to all of the top online slots and table games that are available from all of the top brands in the industry at the moment. It’s maybe for this reason that Samsung took a bit more of the market share when a lot of people were disappointed with the iPhone 14 range and instead looked elsewhere.

When will virtual reality enter the online gaming industry?
One emerging form of technology at the moment that hasn’t yet embedded itself into the mainstream of online casinos is virtual technology. It is still very much a fringe technology but we can almost certainly expect virtual reality online casinos to be a trend going forward and potentially later this year.

It really will catapult the immersiveness of the whole experience to the next level. Not only will it boost interaction with dealers in a live casino environment but it will also mean that you will be able to virtually communicate with other players, bringing a whole new social aspect to the experience.

In Summary
Overall, the future of the gaming industry in New Zealand in the next few years alone looks very bright and exciting. The innovation that is going to come both through advancements in technology and AI will change what the whole online gaming experience means to the average player.

Likewise, smartphones are advancing faster than they ever have before, so we can only expect the mobile gaming sector to continue to grow and stay the dominant channel through which people like to play online.

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