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Will Bandla Ganesh Get Any Role Now?

Will Bandla Ganesh Get Any Role Now?

All parties are gearing up for Lok Sabha polls which are expected to be held in April and May.

Even leaders like who saw humiliating defeat have started becoming active once again. However, actor and producer Bandla Ganesh is not coming out from his hibernation.

He reportedly fearing to come out and talk anything on politics as people have already started calling him as a political joker.

Sources say he will not do any hungama in the Lok Sabha polls and would remain silent.

Bandla Ganesh in the position of Congress’s official spokesperson attracted lot of media coverage during the Telangana Assembly polls with his satirical attacks on the ruling TRS party.

He even declared that KCR would have to confine to his farm house after December 11. But KCR stormed back into power and Bandla Ganesh, who challenged that If Congress doesn’t win the elections I would slit my throat with a 7 O' Clock blade, went in hibernation.

Even Congress party leaders are not inviting him.



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