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Telangana: Mutton, chicken for Muslim patients in Ramzan!

Telangana: Mutton, chicken for Muslim patients in Ramzan!

As the holy month of Ramzan begins on Saturday, the Telangana govenrmetn has made all arrangements to healthy and nutritious meals to the Muslims undergoing treatment for Coronavirus in Gandhi Hospital.

Many Muslims, though on treatment for Covid-19, want to observe Roza (fasting) during the day time. So, they take Sehri (pre-dawn meal) at 3.30 am, before beginning fast and Iftar meal after evening prayers.

Since they are patients, the government itself will provide good food with balanced nutrients to protect their health during the Ramzan month.

As per the menu prepared by the Gandhi hospital authorities, the fasting Muslims would get roti, plain rice, dal and vegetable curry for Sehri.

On alternate days, they would get mutton or chicken curry along with roti, plain rice and vegetable curry for Sehri.

After Iftar prayers, the Muslim patients would be served with kichidi or bagara rice or vegetable biryani along with tomato chutney and chicken fry.

On alternate days, they would be served chicken biryani, plain rice, vegetable curry, dal and eggs.

“This will ensure that the Muslim patients get a lot of proteins and carbohydrates to improve immunity and provide energy needed to fight the Covid-19,” hospital sources said.

Not just Muslims, but other Covid-19 patients, too, have been served with healthy diet that comprises a plate of idli, bread and jam for breakfast, rice, sambar, dal and curd for lunch and dinner regularly. For non-vegetarians, eggs and chicken curry are also once in a day.

Apart from that, the patients will be given dry fruits including almonds, cashews and dates and normal fruits like orange, sweet lime and bananas for immunity and instant energy.


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