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Sharmila Repeats Her Brother's Slogan

Sharmila Repeats Her Brother's Slogan

YS Sharmila is doing her padayatra while the entire Telangana state has pinned its focus on Huzurabad Election.

Though she is not quite relevant in the present state of politics in Telangana, her family legacy is bringing her enough media coverage for whatever she does. 

One interesting thing is that she is repeating her brother's slogan: "Okka Chance Ivvandi (give me one chance).

This line is assumed to be the most powerful as Sharmila's guide IPAC feels that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy came to power with the same. 

Is repeating the success formula always correct? Will the same formula work for everyone? This is the question that many are posing. Well, time should answer.

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