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Rules different for Home Minister's grandson?

Rules different for Home Minister's grandson?

The other day, four contract employees of the Khammam municipal corporation were removed and at least another half a dozen employees were shifted to other places when a video uploaded on Tik Tok mobile app featuring them indulging in singing, dancing and playing pranks went viral.

The videos featuring the employees, with film songs and dialogues playing in the background, were shot in the office during office hours. That was their only crime, but they did not misuse the office and it was just harmless fun.

But on Thursday, another Tik Tok video surfaced in the social media and went viral. It involved none other than Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali’s grandson Furqan Ahmed and his friend.

Both of them were sitting on the bonnet of the car and were imitating a filmy scene.

What is worse, the car on which the duo was sitting was registered in the name of Director General of Police and the dialogue delivered by one of them sounded offensive towards the police of Inspector General rank.

Now, it remains to be seen what action the police would take against the home minister’s son for sitting on the DGP’s vehicle and uttering dialogues against the police.



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