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Revanth Reddy Shocked By Modi-Wave?

Revanth Reddy Shocked By Modi-Wave?

"Aap Ki Adalat" is the most popular TV show on the small screen hosted by Rajat Sharma for the last 30 years.

Today, Revanth Reddy, the CM of Telangana, is the guest on his show where he articulated in his style, giving straight and strong answers to every question. He spoke in an engaging and entertaining manner.

At a point, Revanth Reddy criticized the Modi-led BJP government by mentioning all the wrongdoings of the party, including Kejriwal's arrest exactly at the time of the election.

He also ridiculed stating that Modi didn't stand on his promise of bringing hidden money from Swiss bank and depositing Rs 15 lakh into every citizen's account as he promised.

He also mentioned Modi's promise of 20 crore employment to youth but only could end up at a negligible 7 lakh.

Revanth Reddy also mentioned that Modi as PM brought 113 lakh Crore loan in his 10-year tenure while all the PMs in the past put together could bring loans not even half of it. Revanth Reddy questioned into whose pockets that money went.

After saying all this, Revanth asked the youngsters sitting in the audience section, "You are all young and voting for the first time. Whom would you vote?"

Without waiting a second, someone from the crowd shouted, "Modi ji" and to that, the rest of all the audience broke into laughs in support, clapped and whistled.

Revanth paused for a while for this insult and responded, "Ok! you may vote. But get prepared for a bonus of Rs 100 Cr taxation on your lives".

It is now a discussion whether the audience on the show are planted and are pro-Modi (or) is there really a Modi-wave in the nation among the youth.


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