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Revanth lost hopes of becoming CM?

Revanth lost hopes of becoming CM?

The recent political developments in Congress in Karnataka seem to have shattered the hopes of TPCC chief A Revanth Reddy of becoming the Chief Minister of Telangana, even if he brings Congress to power in Telangana in the Assembly polls scheduled for December this year.

The Congress high command favored veteran leader Siddaramaiah as the CM of Karnataka, despite the fact that it was DK Shivakumar who brought Congress to power as the state president of the Congress Karnataka unit.

The Congress high command continues its tradition of favoring seniors for CM posts over juniors, irrespective of the juniors' contribution to the victory of Congress in Assembly polls.

The Congress adopted the same stance in Rajasthan. Although Sachin Pilot was responsible for bringing Congress to power in Rajasthan in the 2018 Assembly polls, the Congress high command chose veteran leader Ashok Gehlot as CM. When Sachin Pilot raised a banner of revolt, the Congress sacked him from the post of deputy chief minister and also from the party president post in Rajasthan.

Revanth and his supporters had hoped that the Congress high command would change its tradition, at least after the Karnataka Assembly polls. However, it followed the same tradition again, and state party president DK Shivakumar had to be satisfied with the deputy CM post.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Revanth and his supporters believe that at most, Revanth would get the deputy CM post, while senior Congress leaders like K Jana Reddy, N Uttam Kumar Reddy, Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, D Sridhar Babu, etc., may be considered for the CM post if Congress comes to power in Telangana in the Assembly polls in December this year.

If they raise a banner of revolt, they fear they would face the same fate as Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan, according to reports.


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