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Priyanka Reddy murder: HM comments insensitive!

Priyanka Reddy murder: HM comments insensitive!

Telangana home minister Mohammad Mahmud Ali’s insensitive comments with regard to the Hyderabadi veterinarian who was allegedly raped and murdered by some miscreants near Shamshabad triggered a controversy.

The home minister, who called on the members of the victim’s family on Friday, told the media later that the unfortunate incident would not have happened had she called police helpline “100” instead of her sister.

“Even though she was an educated woman, she called her sister, instead of police. She could have dialled 100 to call the police, instead of her sister. Had she called the police, she would have been saved,” Mahmud Ali said.

He pointed out that the victim had spoken to her sister for 30 minutes.

“If she had called 100 at least once, the police would have taken action then itself. if you dial 100, within minutes the police will reach the spot,” he said.

The home minister defended the police department.

“Our police are alert and are effectively controlling the crime. We have the most efficient police system in the country. A few months ago, a child was raped, check the history – within two months he was given death penalty. In this case too, the police have reacted very quickly in this case and some people have been identified already,” he said.

Though there is nothing wrong in what the home minister said, the timing of his comments had drawn a lot of criticism.

“One should not make such a blanket statement without understanding the psychological behaviour of the victim in panic situations. He should not also have talked about his literacy levels,” a netizen commented.



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