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No Independent Voice In TRS, Says Eatala

No Independent Voice In TRS, Says Eatala

There is no place for independent voices in Telangana Rashtra Samithi and everybody has to speak as per the script decided by the party bosses, particularly chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

This was revealed by TRS leader Eatala Rajender who was sacked from the KCR cabinet a couple of days ago on charges of alleged encroachment of assigned lands.

He was reacting to the outburst from senior party leaders like Gangula Kamalakar, Koppula Eshwar and B Vinod Kumar against him earlier in the day.

He said he would not react to the allegations made by these leaders against him, because he was very much aware under what circumstances they were speaking. Nobody in the party can speak the truth on his own and everything is said as per the script.

“I hope at least these leaders get their due respect from the chief minister. I wish the MLAs and ministers should get freedom to express their feelings. They should speak not like ministers or people in key positions, but like ordinary human beings,” he said.

Eatala reiterated that he had never defied the party orders.

“I am aware that I have to come to this position in politics only because of TRS and party president K Chandrasekhar Rao. I never worked against the party. In fact, I even welcomed when there were reports that KCR will make his son K T Rama Rao as his successor,” he said.

He even pointed out that some ministers had even questioned KCR’s arrogance in private.

“They commented openly that KCR was behaving like an arrogant dictatorial leader. But I never made such comments. I know who spoke what about the chief minister,” Eatala added.

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