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KCR to make last emotional appeal on Tuesday

KCR to make last emotional appeal on Tuesday

Facing the threat of losing power in the upcoming assembly elections in Telangana, as indicated by the majority of pre-election surveys, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) president and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is making a last-ditch attempt to strike an emotional chord with the people on Tuesday.

KCR is set to address the last two public rallies – a mega rally at Warangal and the final rally at Gajwel, his own constituency, where he is facing strong headwinds.

The BRS plans to make the Warangal rally the mother of all rallies by mobilizing crowds from several assembly constituencies.

KCR will explain in detail the achievements of his government, admit lapses on his part for losing touch with the common people, and give assurance to them that he would be a changed man if elected to power.

“It is going to be an emotional appeal. He will explain in detail how he had led the second Telangana movement from the front, how he had fought with his detractors to bring pressure on the Centre to get separate statehood for the region, how he had struggled to develop Telangana on all fronts,” a party source said.

The chief minister would request the people to give him one more chance to complete the unfinished agenda.

“There are indications that he would trigger a sentiment of sorts among women and farmers so that, if there is any anti-incumbency among them, most of it could be overcome,” the party source said.

Later, KCR would go to Gajwel, where he would address the last election rally.

“Here, too, he would request the people to give him one last chance, as he might not be able to contest the next elections,” sources said.


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