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KCR predicts 8-12 LS seats for BRS, 1 or none for BJP

KCR predicts 8-12 LS seats for BRS, 1 or none for BJP

Predicting 8 to 12 seats for BRS in the general elections, BRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao stated that the BJP would likely secure either 1 seat or no seats in Telangana.

He also suggested that Congress would face public backlash due to its unfulfilled promises.

During a televised interview with a Telugu news channel on Tuesday, Rao expressed confidence in BRS coming to power in the state in the upcoming elections, with himself becoming the chief minister once again.

When asked about the possibility of the Congress government falling, Rao indicated that while he couldn’t predict the future, there was a chance of it happening post the Lok Sabha elections.

Rao elaborated, mentioning that after the general elections, the BJP would likely destabilize the government in Himachal Pradesh, followed by the Congress government, before potentially targeting Telangana.

He clarified that as a democratic individual, he hoped the Congress government would complete its term.

Regarding the possibility of forming a coalition government, Rao stated that decisions would be made based on circumstances.

Addressing BRS's losses in the elections, Rao emphasized that neither he nor his MLAs were to blame, as the difference in vote share between Congress and BRS was merely 1.8 percent.

He noted that some MLAs lost by a narrow margin, attributing a small percentage of voters swayed by Congress' promises.

On the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme and Medigadda barrage issue, Rao dismissed Congress' use of the damaged Medigadda barrage to tarnish his image.

He suggested alternative solutions to mitigate the situation and warned of launching a people’s movement if Kaleshwaram remained non-operational.

Refuting allegations about debts, Rao defended the government's prioritization of public needs and emphasized the state's relatively low debt-to-GSDP ratio compared to other states.

Regarding defections from BRS, Rao addressed Kadiam Srihari's departure, stating that it benefitted BRS in Warangal. He asserted that those leaving the party would not be welcomed back.

On Kavitha’s arrest, Rao dismissed the Delhi Liquor Scam as politically motivated and expressed confidence in her exoneration.

Regarding phone tapping allegations, Rao emphasized that intelligence activities are routine and conducted with proper authorization.

Rao ruled out the possibility of BRS reverting to TRS, citing Election Commission regulations. He stressed that a party's identity or symbol mattered less than the voters' mindset.


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