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KCR, Election Commission 'match fixing'!

KCR, Election Commission 'match fixing'!

KCR asks, Election Commission of India fulfils. This seems to the norm as far as Telangana is concerned.

KCR announces what EC will do in advance and that will become a reality soon after.

KCR dissolved the Legislative Assembly nine months before its complete term on September 6, 2018.

When everyone was saying KCR committed a big blunder by dissolving the Assembly as he has to wait till April 2019 for Assembly polls, KCR said EC will hold advance Assembly polls in Telangana along with Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram.

On the day of dissolution of House, KCR addressed a press conference in which he said, "I dissolved the House after speaking to CEC and took an assurance on holding early polls. I will not do such important decisions like Assembly dissolutions just like that. I can't reveal more than that.".

KCR even went to the extent of announcing TS Assembly polls schedule in advance.

In February this year, KCR said in Legislative Assembly, "I requested EC to conduct Lok Sabha polls in Telangana in the first phase itself."

When EC issued LS schedule on Sunday, Telangana figured in the list of states where polling will be conducted in the first phase on April 11.

This left Opposition parties in TS shell shocked as they are hardly left with any time even to find candidates for polls while TRS has already started campaigning.

In between, KCR met EC in December 2018 and urged it not to allot truck symbol to anyone as it resembles like car due to which voters are getting confused and voting for truck instead of car. The EC approved this and removed truck symbol from the list of symbols for LS polls.

Now, questions arise is what makes KCR to convince EC on all the wishes raised by him when every other party in the country accuses EC of ignoring their requests.

Seems, KCR has struck a 'perfect chord' with EC, which the Opposition parties call it as 'match fixing'.



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