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Akbaruddin Owaisi ruining TRS with '15 minute threat'!

Akbaruddin Owaisi ruining TRS with '15 minute threat'!

MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi again made '15 minute threat' which raised political heat in Telangana.

Akbar first made '15 minute threat' in 2013, when he said, "We (Muslims) are 25 crore in India and Hindus are 100 crore. Remove the police for just 15 minutes and see how we will balance Muslim-Hindu population".

Akbar directly threatened that Muslims will finish off Hindus and equal Muslim, Hindu population in India, if police is kept aside for just 15 minutes.

Akbar who visited Karimnagar on Wednesday again reminded his 15-minute threat, invitinng severe wrath from BJP.

Karimnagar has now become the bastion of BJP, after Bandi Sanjay, won Lok Sabha seat, which shocked TRS and its friendly party MIM.

Naturally, BJP MP Bandi Sanjay and BJP MLA Raja Singh gave a fitting reply to Akbar.

Sanjay warned Akbar that if he talks about 15 minutes, then he will talk about 15 seconds to finish off Muslims.

Raja Singh said he is ready to give 15 hours, 15 days, 15 months and 15 years for Akbar and said Akbar can't pluck even the hair of Hindus even after 15 years.

Keeping aside, MIM-BJP tussle on this issue, it's the TRS which is paying the price for such remarks being made by Owaisi brothers frequently.

As KCR declared several time in Assembly and outside that MIM is TRS's friendly party, such remarks are making Hindus to move away from TRS and get closer to BJP.

As municipal elections are going to be held in another two weeks, Akbar's remarks are feared to cause huge loss to TRS as urban electorate from Hindu sections are angry at Owaisi making 15-minute threat again and KCR and TRS government keeping mum on his comments instead of arresting Akbar for making inflamatory speeches and spreading communal hatred.

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