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Who is supreme: Speaker or Supreme Court?

Who is supreme: Speaker or Supreme Court?

YSR Congress party on Thursday found fault with Andhra Pradesh assembly speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao for blaming the opposition for boycotting the assembly proceedings.

"The Speaker has to upkeep the decorum of the Chair and upkeep parliamentary democracy instead of blaming the Opposition. We have all faith in the assembly, but we cannot attend the proceedings unless action is initiated against the turncoats," YSRC MLA G Srikanth Reddy said.

He said the YSR Congress was not for boycotting the assembly sessions but the Speaker should initiate action against the turncoats who moved to treasury benches.

"The contention that the matter is in court cannot be accepted as the Speaker had time and again said that the legislature is supreme and need not take into consideration the legal rulings. We need not abide by the court directives and the House is supreme was what he said in many earlier occasions," he said.

Srikanth Reddy reminded that when YSRC MLA RK Roja was suspended and the issue was taken to courts, the same Speaker has ruled that the courts cannot dictate terms to the legislature and the Speaker need not abide by the court directive and to that matter the Speaker’s ruling cannot be challenged in a court of law.

"When it comes to the action against the 21 MLAs who crossed floor, the same Speaker tells that the matter was in courts and this is not in concord with the high office he is holding as the double standards stands exposed," he said.

"We moved the court on the grounds of disqualification for switching sides and the Speaker was approached and there was no action from his side. If the Speaker initiates action against the defectors we will attend the assembly from tomorrow," he said.



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