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Reddy safe: Rahul drops plan to revamp PCCs!

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt N Uttam Kumar Reddy heaved a sigh of relief on Saturday evening.

He is going to continue in his post till the next elections and so will all his colleagues in the PCC at present.

Uttam received a communication from the All India Congress Committee in the evening that party president Rahul Gandhi has decided against revamping the PCCs and decided to continue the existing ones till the next elections, for the reasons known only to him.

There have been reports all these days that Rahul would overhaul the PCCs all over the country by dropping the old faces and replacing them with young ones.

He was expected to bring in a lot of fresh and young blood into the party so that the party gets rejuvenated to fight the 2019 general elections and the assembly elections in various states.

There was also a talk that Rahul might not give party tickets to leaders above 60 years of age.

But for some strange reason, Rahul has backtracked and developed cold feet. May be, he thought making revolutionary changes in the party at this stage might prove counter-productive to the party before the elections and there might be revolt from the senior people.

Already, he had seen the impact of the revolt of a senior leader like Shankar Singh Vaghela in Gujarat, which resulted in the Congress losing the assembly elections narrowly.



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