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Now, YSRC pitches for Bharat Ratna to YSR!

Now, YSRC pitches for Bharat Ratna to YSR!

With less than two years left for the general election in Andhra Pradesh, YSR Congress party has decided to revive the spirit of late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy again and rake up his sentiment among the people.

The party is planning to make use of YSR’s image in whatever possible form it can to garner votes from people, who still revere him as the most people-friendly leader. As part of the strategy, the YSRC leadership is planning to rake up a new demand: Bharat Ratna to YSR.

During the party plenaries being held at different parts of the state, the YSRC leaders are adopting resolutions demanding that YSR be given Bharat Ratna. 

“YSR had initiated several welfare measures for the poor people and is still being remembered for his concern for the poor and the marginalised.Ask any poor man or woman, they will tell you what YSR did for them. Ask a young techie working in Chennai, Pune or Hyderabad, he will tell you how fee reimbursement helped him. He fully deserves Bharat Ratna,” a YSRC leader in Prakasam district said.

He said several states are now emulating the plethora of cases put in place by late YSR. He had worked to ensure that there are smiles in every face and he helped everyone regardless of their political affiliation. 

So, he should be honoured with Bharat Ratna, the YSRC leader demanded.

The YSRC has alleged that the ruling Telugu Desam Party govermment is watering down all the schemes introduced by YSR and is spending everything in the name of new capital city construction. 

“Look at the plight of the poor men and women standing for hours and fainting while waiting for their pensions," the leader regretted.



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