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Naidu Promises Singapore, Jagan Hints At Washington

Naidu Promises Singapore, Jagan Hints At Washington

YSRCP leader Jagan addressed a massive Janabheri in Eluru. Speaking on the occasion, he took up cudgels against Chandra Babu’s false promises prior to the elections.

Jagan listed out various instances during which Chandra Babu had promised something and then went back on his word after the elections.

In the past, Chandra Babu had promised Rs 2 kg rice. But after the elections, he increased it to Rs 5 per kg, Jagan said.

Similarly, he had assured that he would impose a ban on liquor before the elections and after the elections, he bowed down to pressure from liquor lobby and lifted the ban on liquor, Jagan pointed out.

In the same vein, Chandra Babu who had earlier said that giving free electricity was next to impossible, is now promising free electricity.

Jagan accused Chandra Babu of being devoid of any morals or values and said he wouldn’t think twice before selling people. Jagan questioned how Chandra Babu could ask his MPs to vote for Telangana by overtly opposing it? And now, he is promising to turn the newly formed Andhra Pradesh into Singapore. Isn’t it like stabbing someone and then taking them to the crematorium, Jagan asked.

After his scathing criticism of Chandra Babu Naidu, Jagan called upon people to support him to form a government following the elections.

Jagan promised that he would make sure that he would win enough seats to lobby with the Prime Minister and ensure that sufficient funds are diverted for the development of the region. Jagan said he would develop the region on the lines of Washington, Dubai and Shanghai.



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