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People Laugh At Pawan Kalyan's Foolish Tweet

People Laugh At Pawan Kalyan's Foolish Tweet

Janasena's leader, Pawan Kalyan boasts that he has read many books and is highly knowledgeable of various subjects.

Nevertheless, he appeared to be unaware of the situation regarding the 'class war' in Andhra Pradesh, as mentioned by the state's Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy.

In response to Jagan's mentioning about 'Class War', Pawan took to Twitter to voice his thoughts, referring to Jagan as the richest Chief Minister in India. He implied  that the nation's richest CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has no right to talk about 'class war'.

Well, Pawan seems to have failed to understand the term 'class war'. He felt that Jagan is talking about the poor people. 

Even if he thought so, is it only fair for those who have experienced poverty to discuss such issues?

Many famous national leaders, including megastar Chiranjeevi, who has amassed millions of rupees, have taken a stand for the underprivileged and advocated on their behalf.

Pawan should have realized this, instead of questioning Jagan's right to speak on behalf of the poor. Pawan didn't say to Chiranjeevi those days- "Anna! You are rich. Why should you talk about poverty and the poor?"

So, what exactly is the Class War that Jagan referred to? 

Four media organizations associated with the same social group are ganging up on Jagan. This is because that particular social group has a history of being  egocentric and they are now seeking to depose Jagan to maintain their power and control. Hence, they are smearing Jagan's reputation.

Jagan is striving to gather support from ST, SC, BC, and minority communities as he believes that they are his strongest army. By providing them with financial benefits through various schemes, Jagan aims to strengthen his support base. 

Without addressing these schemes directly, Jagan's opposition is attempting to undermine his efforts and hence, the Class War.

Pawan should acknowledge the long-standing conflicts between different social groups in the state, such as Kapu-Kamma in Krishna and Guntur, Kapus and Kshatriyas in the West, Kapu-Kamma and Kapu-SC in the East, Kapus and Gavars in Visakha, Velamas in Vizianagaram, and Kalingas in Srikakulam.

Pawan is affiliated with a specific party that supports one particular social group. However, he still expects support from other groups, including Kapus.

Many wealthy Chief Ministers, such as NTR, Chandrababu, and Jayalalithaa, have fought for the rights of the people. The same holds true for Jagan, despite being a rich CM.

Pawan's erratic responses and his irrational speech, only reinforce his reputation as a fool.


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