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Opinion: YS Jagan Should Open His Eyes

Opinion: YS Jagan Should Open His Eyes

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is saying that the opposition is attacking him with the ferocity of wolves targeting a lion. However, Jagan needs to understand that a pack of wolves do not attack on the pride of lions, but only target the lone one. This means, to prevent himself from becoming an easy target, Jagan needs to build a strong and mighty security team.

Recently, the sudden technical glitch to the airplane in which Jagan was flying followed by an emergency landing just a few minutes after the take off has raised several doubts and suspicions. Being the Chief Minister, Jagan cannot avoid air travel and public appearances, but he must take extra precautions to ensure his safety.

The people who sympathize with the opposition party may be in a desperate situation, which means they may resort to desperate measures. The risk of hidden, dangerous minds working in the shadows is ever-present. Hence, Jagan needs to prioritize his security and be vigilant at all times.

In addition to strengthening his security, Jagan should know who is who around. Protecting himself is part of his duty as he is the most powerful in the state.  

By dedicating himself to his duties and ensuring the safety of himself and his team, Jagan will demonstrate strength and leadership. By taking these proactive steps, Jagan can continue to govern effectively and maintain the pride of his position.

Jagan must be mindful of the current political climate and understand the risks that come with being a high-profile public figure. It is essential that he takes all necessary precautions to ensure his safety, and by doing so, he will be able to serve the people of Andhra Pradesh effectively and with peace of mind.

Kiran Sharma


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