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Opinion: 'Yellow' Fever Hits Burra's Talent?

Opinion: 'Yellow' Fever Hits Burra's Talent?

I watched Ram's 'The Warrior' today. My entire focus got pinned on only one craft, that is dialogue writing. 

Burra Saimadhav is the dialogue writer for Telugu films who shot to fame with Krish's films in the initial days of his career. His travel with that director and the works he delivered for him brought him a mark that he is talented. 

Eventually he seems to have carried away by other curricular activities keeping his main work in the back seat. I doubt if the dialogues written for Ram's latest film 'The Warrior' are by Burra or some other novice. 

There is no single notable dialogue in this film. The director is Lingusami, who is a Tamil. So the onus lies on the Telugu writer in delivering the best with dialogues. That happens only when the writer owns the film.

He might have simply scribbled the first version of whatever he wrote without even thinking about fine tuning to meet the commercial standards. This is what I felt while watching the film.

The Warrior is a mass film targetted to a set of audience. It is needless to say that the dialogues play very vital role for such films.

In fact, Burra is not like either Trivikram or Puri Jagannath who are good at delivering the best with their trademark in every film. But still he is a talented writer though not to the standards of the above two writer-directors.

These days, Burra is completely busy with TDP affiliation. Ever since he played the role of Peetambaram in NTR Kathanayakudu he seems to be not coming out from that character. He became close to Balakrishna and investing his time in TDP activities.

He might be expecting some writing work from TDP for the coming general elections with regard to party campaign. Or he may be expecting a continued relationship with Balakrishna as a writer to capture his next films. There is nothing wrong in that. 

But he is not knowing that he is ignoring his main profession. It is evident with the kind of insipid dialogues he wrote for The Warrior. He should know that he will be relevant to any party as long as he sits on the top spot as a professional in his main domain. Otherwise the party may sideline him without any warning. 

Burra Saimadhav is the highly paid writer in Tollywood. But within no time he may lose his top spot if he continues to ignore his profession. 

Rachakonda Anil Kumar


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