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Opinion: YCP Folks! Stop Overacting and Boasting

Opinion: YCP Folks! Stop Overacting and Boasting

What a shame this is! The youngsters who go abroad for higher studies are behaving like caste maniacs and weak-minded souls. Whether they are Kamma, Reddy, or Kapu, some individuals studying or working abroad exhibit unnecessary fanaticism towards certain politicians.

If Kamma youth show their mania for Chandrababu and Balakrishna, Reddy youth are prostrating publicly for Jagan Mohan Reddy. The mania of some Kapus towards Pawan Kalyan is also widely known.

Aside from the caste aspect, some youngsters are stooping to this extent due to an identity crisis. All they need is social media attention. They do something peculiar and become the topic of discussion for a day on social media.

When Jagan Mohan Reddy went to London, a guy knelt down as Jagan's car passed by. The picture went viral, which seems to be enough for that guy. If someone who has received a responsible education abroad behaves like this, people back in India are laughing at his mindless sycophantic act.

Another point to underline is the overreaction of YSRCP members in announcing the date and time for YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's swearing-in ceremony. If some social media enthusiasts do this, it is understandable. But why should someone like YV Subba Reddy announce this on social media? Can't he wait until June 4th? Is there any use in saying all this stuff now when no influence can change the result anyway?

The point to note is that YSRCP folks are boasting more about their victory compared to TDP media. Jagan Mohan Reddy, as the leader, proclaimed about 150 plus seats and left. Chandrababu could do the same to boost the morale of his cadre until the result is out. It is fine as long as the heads of the parties do it. But why is everyone getting into this?

One can do this if it is not harming anyone. However, by making such statements, both TDP and YSRCP sides are pushing many innocent people into betting activity. They are getting overly influenced and putting their hard-earned money at stake in betting.

So, the responsible media, social media, and leaders of all parties should maintain their poise in the interest of those who are into betting.

Madhunandan Akkishetty


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