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Opinion: Why Prashant Kishor Is A 'Scrap'?

Opinion: Why Prashant Kishor Is A 'Scrap'?

"Scrap" is a term used to describe something worthless, useless, outdated, obsolete, or worn out.

Prashant Kishor emerged as an election strategist over a decade ago. His early successes included working for the BJP, where his strategies contributed to the party's victories, earning him considerable credit.

However, it didn't take long for Narendra Modi to realize that Kishor's reputation was overrated, and he didn't deserve the attention he was receiving, as election outcomes are primarily determined by the trust between politicians and the public but not the strategists. 

Consequently, Kishor was removed from his position. Subsequently, he worked for various other parties across the nation. 

Essentially, he strategically chose parties likely to win and focused on organizing events, releasing advertisements, etc. Essentially, his role resembled that of an event manager or personal assistant for party leaders, rather than a strategic advisor.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy also utilized Kishor's services, but soon realized that strategists should be limited to organizing events and their ideas shouldn't be implemented directly, as many of them are of little value.

Consequently, Kishor was distanced from YSRCP, and he found no refuge in any other party across India. 

Moreover, his arrogance was intolerable which resulted in his ousting by KCR as well. Even Jagan Mohan Reddy also couldn't tolerate him for longer. 

Subsequently, Kishor attempted to launch his own party in his home state of Bihar, but failed to gain any traction. Local analysts firmly believe he couldn't even win a ward member position in any town.

It's puzzling that Chandrababu Naidu gave shelter to someone like Kishor in his party. It highlights Naidu's tendency to support those who are no longer relevant or have no other opportunities. This was evident in his alliance with Pawan Kalyan as well.

Recently, Kishor has been publicly discussing past events from the time he worked with Jagan Mohan Reddy.

It's inappropriate and unethical to disclose internal matters of past organizations, a principle applicable not only to companies but also to political parties or any other associations. Generally, even any ethical couple hardly speak out anything about their relationship once divorced. 

Kishore's disregard for these basic ethical standards makes him more akin to "scrap" than anything else. If he is ethical enough, at least he should pay back whatever he was paid by YSRCP for 5 years! 

It's unfortunate that this obsolete personality continues to linger around the shadow of the TDP. 

Usha Chowdhary

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