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Opinion: Election Only Between Pro And Anti-Jagan

Opinion: Election Only Between Pro And Anti-Jagan

The political scene in Andhra Pradesh is quite peculiar this time. Generally, different parties vie with each other, with at least three main parties fighting to secure the seat. But this time, it is all about pro-Jagan and anti-Jagan. While YCP is on one side, the other two major parties are on the opposite side.

The voting is going to happen between the voters who like Jagan Mohan Reddy and those who don't like him. Other than that, there are no specific voters for BJP, TDP, or Janasena in particular.

It should be understood this way: If someone likes BJP and also Jagan Mohan Reddy but dislikes TDP and Janasena, then that voter's vote will go only to YSRCP but not the alliance. The voter weighs and sees on which side his total interest lies and votes there.

On the other hand, if someone dislikes Jagan Mohan Reddy and also BJP but likes either TDP or Janasena, then that voter may vote for the alliance only when the candidate is from either Janasena or TDP. Otherwise, he may avoid voting altogether or may opt for NOTA.

In this scenario, the alliance looks like a very big gamble as it is hard to know which party sympathizers are more among the BJP, TDP, Janasena in a particular constituency.

Moreover, this is also the election between the beneficiaries of welfare schemes and the non-beneficiaries. This election is going to become a case study of whether wholesome welfare schemes pave the way for continuous power. If that is proved, then it becomes a formula to win, or else the situation becomes otherwise.

Overall, the elections in AP this time are a curious case to be observed and studied.

Madhunandan Akkishetty

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