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Open Letter: Pawan Kalyan! What Capacity Do You Have?

Open Letter: Pawan Kalyan! What Capacity Do You Have?

Dear Pawan Kalyan,

We all know you as a hero on screen and a politician off screen. But sometimes we are afraid if you are living in hallucination. Your so-called rhetoric are ending up as ludicrous statements and generating guffaws among the listeners.

You say that YSRCP is afraid of you? In the first place, what do you think about yourself? Do you have a single quality for any political party to be afraid of?

You are not even an MLA and you have no MLAs behind. 

You couldn't win the 2019 election despite contesting from two constituencies. You hardly make any impact on the opinions of voters with your speeches. 

Instead of getting carried away by the whistles and shouts of your fans during your harangues, you never seem to be introspecting yourself if your single liners are really making sense from a political point of view.

These days you are no less a comedian. Whenever you say that YSRCP is afraid of your speeches, people are laughing. Observing this, the top comedians of the Telugu Film Industry must be getting tensed up as you may come up as a competition to them.

If you really want to be successful in your political stride, think twice before delivering any sentence. Voters are not like your Janasainiks and fans. Your attempts should be to win the hearts of neutral voters. Your fate never changes as long as you bank on the whistles of your own fans.

Until and unless you project yourself sane and stable, the normal voters never consider you as any alternative force in the political scenario.

Samyuktha Dantuluri


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