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Narendra Modi: The Only Global Leader That India Needs

Narendra Modi: The Only Global Leader That India Needs

Presently in Telangana, the BJP has a slogan that goes like this: "We can have any leader in Galli, but we need to elect only Modi for Delhi." Despite appearing as a typical BJP campaign, it's evident that the nation requires Modi once again. There is no compelling reason to argue against Modi's leadership because he has been a leader for everyone, including Muslims.

In the past 77 years of independent India, Muslim women have never been as content as they are now, thanks to the present BJP government's steps towards a Uniform Civil Code. This code grants them equal rights concerning marital issues and domestic violence, putting them on par with Hindu women. Similarly, the peace experienced by Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir is a direct result of the present BJP government's abrogation of Article 370.

Modi is only undesirable for the Congress and some opponents with vested political interests, not for the general public.

Modi's leadership is illuminating India and projecting its light onto the world stage. Under Modi's rule, India achieved the fifth position as the strongest economy globally. The UPI system and online payments have effectively reduced physical currency usage, indirectly controlling inflation and black money. This online system has strengthened the banking system, making economic transactions more efficient and less reliant on cash stored in individual pockets and home lockers.

In addition to the inauguration of the Ayodhya temple and the renovation of the Varanasi temple, the present BJP government is undertaking the construction of the world's largest mosque in Dhannipur, just 25 km from the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. This initiative aligns with the Supreme Court's decision to build a mosque as compensation for the demolished Babri Masjid, with support from the UP Government and the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation Trust, chaired by BJP leader Haji Arfat Sheik.

Has any government in the past demonstrated this level of commitment to secularism as Modi's government?

Beyond preserving religious harmony, Modi's government is positioning India as a savior to neighboring nations such as Sri Lanka and Maldives during their challenging times. Simultaneously, effective intelligence efforts have nearly eradicated terrorism in India, with intelligence wings operating in every part of the nation.

In one word, international media addresses Narendra Modi as a 'Global Leader.' No previous Prime Minister in Indian history has received such a title, especially considering the significance of leading the fifth-largest global economy and a nation with a population of 1.45 billion.

There should be no hesitation in reelecting the BJP at the Center to sustain Modi's leadership in India. 

Venkat Arikatla

Disclaimer: This article is not a paid or politically biased piece but is written in the interest of the nation's safety, security, harmony, and development.


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