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MODI @Madison Square Full Text

MODI @Madison Square Full Text

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi connected with thousands of rapturously cheering Indian diaspora at Madison Square Garden here Sunday, promising them he would deliver on the electoral promise of a resurgent India and urged them to join in the mass movement to work for their country of origin.

Addressing a 20,000-strong crowd at the venue - that has seen former US presidents and rock stars take to the stage but never an Indian politician - and also thousands watching the event live outside on giant screens, and millions back home and around the world on TV and internet, Modi announced relief measures for the diaspora, including lifelong visas for Persons of Indian Origin cardholders and the merger of the PIO and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) schemes with a new scheme to be announced soon.

  • Modi started with “Bharat mata ki Jai” and crowd started to chant the same twice and then chanted “MODI” for half a minute –Modi  Smiles ☺ ☺ ☺
  • People living in USA – My Dear Ladies and Gentlemen and all watching on TV and Internet and special reference to people who couldn’t make in inside the venue (Crowd big round of applause)- Navratri greetings.
  • Navratri festival is a day of Sakthi upasana , purification and blessed tome Indian Citizens on this auspicious day.
  • The whole world would have taught us (INDIA) as country of snake play/games – if you IT people have not been there.
  • Citing a real life experience, When I went to Taiwan even before I was a CM/PM, an interpreter hesitated to ask a question only if I don’t feel bad about the question, I said yes, He asked me: “heard that you practice Black Magic and Play with snakes in India – is that true????”
  • I replied “our ancestors played with snakes and now we play with “Mouse” and make this world working (In reference to computers) (Crowd applauds for 15 secs), you people earned a lot of respect and great identity for INDIA in the world. (Clapping……)
  • Most of you have not got a chance to vote for our recent General Elections, but I know all of you haven’t slept the night of election results. (Crowds applause….)
  • People in INDIA and Indians across the world celebrated in the same spirit and excitement.
  • I personally Thank people who participated in this elections spending time in their native villages and towns (Crowds clapping…..), After 30 years India gave a greatest ever victory and a clear voice which no political pandit was able to expect (Crowds laughs…..)
  • It’s not about a chair –it’s about responsibility and after assuming office never took a 15 minutes vacation- (Crowds chats MODI MODI……)
  • I promise you with the mandate given to my government – I will never let you feel down / ashamed.
  • The poorest of the poor in India thought of moving ahead with the changing economic growth and wanted to be a part of the growth, which was very clear, quality of life will never be compromised with the new government.
  • You have a lot of love to our motherland and lots of expectations with the new government – we will fulfill the needs of a common man to 100%.
  •  Even before becoming a PM, I was telling in election campaigns – people who want to come to INDIA, don’t be late- but now I think people should think of putting one foot in INDIA (Crowd applauded).
  • I have heard American officials  openly say, this era is of Asia, some say INDIA, it’s not just about saying- INDIA has got talent and now …(paused for a second-people starts chanting ”we have MODI……” ) Opportunities.
  • Think INDIA as the youngest and oldest (in history) country, with a very rare combination of 65%of the population with less than 35 years of age, and they are the people who will work hard and in the process make INDIA progress. There is nothing like a word ”No-Hope”, you will see INDIA’s development at a faster pace.
  • INDIA has got 3 most precious thing, none have in this world (People chants MODI MODI…)
  • Its important to know these and represent the same to this world
  • (Chanting doesn’t stop- he responds to people “Janata ka blessing he eeswar ki blessings se samaan hai… the crowd cheers at his words and lets him talks, impressed by the way he switches gears and keeps the humorous content intact….)
  • Democracy- not just the biggest asset but a hope of 120 million people.
  • Demographic of 65% with less than 35 years of age.
  • Demand-world sees us as the biggest market of consumption and manufacturing.
  • America is the Oldest democratic country and INDIA is the biggest democratic country-(quotes another humorous situation) USA has people living from all parts of the world and Indian people migrate to all countries of the world. (Crowd laughs….).
  • Government in itself can’t bring development it can construct schools, roads etc… but only possible with peoples participation.
  • Good governance (sites examples again…hilarious)
  • You land in airport and I know what happens……
  • When you go for a visa I don’t need to tell this….( huge applause from the crowd….)
  • Development should be made a mass revolution, in the history of INDIA there were many leaders who gave their lives for the nation and fought for freedom in groups of 10s and 100s…But its Gandhi who have made the freedom movement to a mass revolution – with the things they do in everyday life –connect these actions with freedom movement.  (Cites Bhagat Singh and Sikhs in Indian Army crowd shouts Bharat mata ki Jai). 
  • A doctor should feel if he saves a poor man’s life he will serve the nation and in turn the doctors is doing the act of Desh Bhakti, same way a cleaner should feel proud that he is making his country clean, a teacher should feel proud he/she is educating the nation….I am confident that I can motivate this instinct of Desh Bhakti in every job.
  • Every citizen should feel that they do their job best-will contribute to the nation.
  • Vision 2020- we will be able to supply skilled workforce to the world Nursing, teachers and any man power to any country which will make the future of INDIA in 21st century, when you people are able to make it till here, every citizen can do this….
  • In Ahmedabad, you hire an Auto and it will cost you Rs10/km, but we travelled 650 Million Km at Rs 7/Km , Even before I came to USA to INDIA , MOM already reached Mars- India has got such a great talent (Biggest applause from the crowd for nearly a minute)
  • Now we have separate ministry for Skill Development
  • Job Creator (Entrepreneurs)
  • Job Seekers.
  • Even after 65 years of independence, 50% of Indians are not a part of the economic system, in 2 weeks of launching “PM Jan Dhan Yogana” we have 4 Crores New accounts added to the Indian economy, yes we can do this and we just need motivation. Even though it’s a ZERO balance account, the faith and confidence of people in government made them deposit 1400 Cr in these accounts.
  • Make in India Program Launch will make low production cost, effective use of human resources, Gone are the days where companies have to run around various government departments for processing- we are making it easy for them to establish in INDIA.
  • We have launched a new way for citizens to participate with government, we have launched where it can be accessed from mobile phone and can connect with various interests and I request you to check the website after this meeting.
  • I have setup a new expert committee to strike –off outdated policies for a speedy governance process, I would be very happy to see atleast one law strike off from the process.(Crowd acknowledges with a laugh…)
  • No a days you should have known that in Delhi govt officials are coming to office on time… he waits for a sarcastic appeal , “ye koai news hai kya ????”( crowd laughs…..)
  • We initiated “Clean INDIA” program – I don’t know whether it’s a big thing or a small thing- but I am determined to build toilets in a big scale, People come to me and ask “what’s your vision big vision???” I say them “ I came to this stage , started selling tea……( standing ovation from the crowd for 30 sec…..) I can think only small things for small people, but these are big things for small people, these will change the future of INDIA.
  • Don’t you think you want to take your parents for a bath to Ganga???? Crowd replies Yes yes…
  • Don’t you want it to be clean ??? Crowd replies yes , yes…you should help me , will you help me crowd responds Yes yes….., Some officials told me don’t take very difficult tasks like cleaning Ganga river, I told them- people have voted me to do difficult things not simple- small things….(Applause from crowd….), it’s not just a wish it’s an environmental issue, this will not only keep ganga clean but activates the economic growth of 40% of the Indian population who lives on the banks of river Ganga.
  • We are celebrating 150th Birthday of Gandhi in 2019- he liked 2 things Independence and Cleanliness , let’s put Clean India at the feet of Gandhi, this is the biggest gift we can give back to Gandhi who gave us freedom……, Then no one will ever dare to make INDIA dirty.( Crowd clapping….)
  • India is celebrating 75 yrs of Independence – I have a dream – a dream where everyone in INDIA should have a home to live in.
  • 2015 – is a big year for INDIA- we will celebrate 100 years of Gandhi coming back to INDIA Jan 1915- an NRI who changed the fate of INDIA for good. I welcome you to join us in NRI summit Jan 2015 in Ahmadabad, serve the Motherland in a way you are comfortable.
  • PIO card holders will now be issued “Visa on Arrival”.
  • OCI (Long term Indian Visa for US Citizens) will be streamlined and OCI-PIO to be integrated as one process.
  • Other outstanding outsourcing visa issues to be resolved (looked like he was mentioning H1, L1 work visa concerns, not much was talked)


  • You have given me lots of love, never showered to any Indian leader- I am grateful to you.
  • I will work for your VISION of INDIA and lets work together for “Bharat Mata”
  • Modi chants- “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” ( I am on upavas not you , raise your hands and say with me )
  • Crowd repeats 3 times and airs a video on importance of cleaning Ganga

Author remarks:
I have put in my thoughts as it happens by watching the video and taking notes, but was purely impressed by Modi Mania all throughout the speech!
@ Venkat Vutukuri- MODI FAN- INDIA FIRST.
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