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Fact Sheet: A Whole Session Of Crap

Fact Sheet: A Whole Session Of Crap

'Karuvu Seema Pai TDP MPla Deeksha' saw the whole battery of TDP MPs , MLAs and other public representatives in attendance.

As usual, it was an exercise in which the whole blame was thrown on the Centre and the TDP tried to project itself as ‘Sati Sakkubai’ although it was CBN who said he would put the Andhras in jail if they asked for SCS.

On the occasion, the comedian of the bunch JC Diwakar Reddy came up with a nonsensical story that Narendra Modi had called up the KIA Motors’ people thrice and asked them to set up their plant in Gujarat instead of Andhra Pradesh.

However, Chandrababu managed to outwit Modi and got KIA Motors to AP. If Modi really spoke to KIA Motors, they would have gone to Gujarat.

Chandrababu is absolutely in no position to outwit Modi. Can he give better incentives to KIA Motors than the Prime Minister?

JC also said that Modi was taking his revenge on the Telugu people. Wrong again! Modi is taking his revenge on Chandrababu, not the Telugus.

In this battle, the Telugus are the casualties. TDP MP Galla Jaydev said he had participated in a debate in Parliament on the injustice meted out to the State during which he spoke eloquently for the rights of Andhra Pradesh.

If you spoke eloquently, Mr Jaydev, take a recording of your speech and preserve it for posterity. Someday, your grandchildren will listen to it and be proud of you but the current generation will say, “What result did it yield except for establishing him as a person with good English skills?”

Later, ‘weight loss’ expert CM Ramesh and others too indulged in Naidu Bhajana and BJP-bashing. It was one whole session of crap.



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