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AP State Bifurcation: YS Jagan, the sole reason!

Ever since the passing away of Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy in that perplexing helicopter accident on September 2nd 2009, the State of Andhra Pradesh went into even more perplexing political situation and just came out with bifurcation.

There were several mystifying, brain teasing, puzzling, and unnatural events that defied common sense in the past four years that happened in our State politics.

Staunch proclaimed anti-Congress Ramoji Rao, yellow media, and Telugu Desam party supporting Congress party and its governments is a starter.

The collusion of yellow media and Congress party is so strong now that they even falsely hail the Congress Chief Minister, Kiran Kumar Reddy as united champion.

People need to stretch their imaginations beyond deep boundaries to explain the support the main opposition party, Telugu Desam extended to the Congress governments both at the State and Center in their survival for the past couple of years!

Then, there was the CBI hunting down the opponents of Sonia regime, who were fine until they were in Congress party.

The courts would not entertain the constitutionally guaranteed timeframe of three months bail for over 16 months.

In the meantime, the same CBI JD, who assembled 80 teams from all around the country to attack the Congress rebel would plead his inability to start investigation on the friendly opposition leader.

In essence, ethical, political, constitutional, legal, and journalistic values have gone down the drain – in just four years. The reason – YS Jagan!

YS Jagan would, in an emotional speech promises to visit every single family whose kith and kin had died in the wake of the death of his father, Dr. YSR.

Initially, Sonia Gandhi was okay with it. But, as Jaganism started gathering more force, the good for nothing, cannot win on their own leaders started complaining to the so called high command that Jagan was becoming too powerful for Sonia to handle.

This was when they started putting pressure on Jagan to stop his Odarpu yaatra, to which he did not budge.

First came the dikhat for the party local leadership to boycott, and then came the threats of CBI to which Jagan would not budge.

He defied Sonia and Congress governments at both State and Center to leave Congress party to start his own YSR Congress party.

The ensuing routs of Congress party in the bi-elections in Pulivendula Assembly and Kadapa Parliament seats showed the Congress party the strength of Jagan and the place YSR holds in the hearts and souls of masses.

CBI cases were fostered on Jagan to crush his will and scare him and his reaction was defiant again. He was arrested in the campaign trail of the bi-elections of June 2012, which YSR Congress party swept emphatically.

Congress party would lose deposits in several segments, incurring worst historical defeats, and the Telugu Desam position was no better, having lost each and every contested bi-election since 2009.

Both Sonia Gandhi and Chandrababu had then realized that there was no stopping Jagan and YSR Congress if the game rules would not change.

Chadrababu’s and yellow media fear was that if Jagan becomes the Chief Minister of the united AP, there would not be protection for the one lakh acres of urban land Chandrababu and his cronies have acquired illegally over the past few years.

They determined that they are better off relegating Jagan to Seemandhra, which aligns Sonia Gandhi’s thought process of not willing to see Jagan as the Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh.

After exhausting all the other options of defeating Jagan politically and with scare tactics, they pulled out the T astram to make him chose one area over the other area, having stoked the passions of Telanganites.

But, Jagan chose a united State and fought till the very end. Telangana people may not like his stand of unity today, but there would come a day when majority of them would realize his reasons and he will be blessed there too. As it is, Jagan and YSR Congress will sweep away the coming elections in Seemandhra.

In the last few years, we have seen lot of jokers (Congress’s Kiran, Chiranjeevi, Lagadapati, Purandheswari, Kavuri, Panabaaka, Undavalli, TDP’s Chandrababu, Modugula, Devineni, Payyavula, Errabelli, Motkupalli) that would contradict their own party’s stand and play multiple dramas in front of the people, but Jagan has been the only one that stood by what he believed in.

Rest of the political parties in their inability to fight Jagan politically, after having polluted the CBI and court system in vain, now resorted to the State bifurcation as their last weapon.

Gurava Reddy (Atlanta) for YSR Congress Party

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