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Actress Anu attends TPAD Bathukamma in Dallas

Actress Anu attends TPAD Bathukamma in Dallas

Telangana Peoples Association of Dallas, (TPAD), the organization well known around the world and synonymous with BiggestBathukamma in the world, has celebrated Bathukamma in  grand and traditional way. This year’s celebration has not been a routine celebration. The incidents leading to the celebrations are of epical measure.

The nature challenged the will of the organizers. The weather put a test to the strength of character of the women organizers and the women of the Telugu community.

The celebrations attended by over 8,000 people tell who had to bow down. It is the resolve of the women organizers, which prevailed in the challenge. It is the unbuckling support of the entire leadership of the organization, which paved way for conducting the celebrations, unaltered.

Fierce storm with heavy winds and dark clouds, thrashed Dallas until mid-day. But, nothing was to sway the determination of the women organizers of TPAD. They huddled at the arena as planned, to finish the arrangements, that they started planning a year ago.

The committed volunteers of TPAD have erected the tallest Bathukamma in the middle of the huge stadium. The traditional decorations suiting the floral festival beautified the stage for the celebrations.

The TPAD leadership team headed by Raghuveer Bandaru (Chair of Foundation Committee), Sharada SingiReddy (Chair of Board of Trustees), Srini Gangadhara (President), Indu Pancherupula (Coordinator) have inaugurated the festive celebrations with Poorna kumbham and Deepa Prajwalana.

Women thronged the Allen Event Center, dressed in traditional wear, adored with Bathukamma in their hands as their children followed their mom and the customs.

About 2,000 women participated in playing Bathukamma. The rhythm and chorus of the songs of Bathukamma hit the skies.

Anu Emmanuel, a Dallas raised, Tollywood heroine, who was paired along with Allu Arjun, Pavan Kalyan, Naga Chaitanya, Vijay Devarakonda has joined the celebrations and played Bathukamma.

As the women finished playing Bathukamma, nimajjanam of Bathukammas was performed with all rituals.

A procession of Goddess Durga was conducted, in a beautifully decorated Pallaki. About 1000 people participated in the procession as they made rounds in the stadium, giving Darshan of goddess Durga to all the attendees sitting in the stands of the stadium.

One of the highlights of the evening is the Ashta Durga performance, performed during procession, featuring 25 students from local dance schools, with nava Durgas. The whole auditorium was enthralled by the performance.  After the procession, Jammi pooja was performed by the local priest. 

In a significant development, a galaxy of mainstream political leaders of US politics, Congressman Pete Session, Texas House Representative Matt Rinaldi and local politician Angela Paxton, a Texas senate contestant have attended the celebrations. They have applauded the services of the Indian diaspora in the fields of IT, science and technology and health care. They said, the strength of US is in its diversity and the Indians are bringing cultural richness to the country.

Foundation committee members Ajay Reddy, Foundation co-chair JanakiRam Mandadi and Rao Kalvala have introduced the leaders to the audience.

Foundation committee chair Raghuveer Bandaru thanked the US and Texas law makers for participating in the celebrations.

The celebrations continued with electrifying musical performances by Tollywood singers Anudeep, Manisha Erabathini and Parnika. It has been a custom for telugu movie singers to come and join the TPAD Bathukamma celebrations as a symbol of devotion to the goddess.

Sharada Singireddy BOT chair, introduced the guest of honor, Anu Emmanuel. Anu Emmanuel said, her participation in the celebrations has helped her educate herself about the Telugu culture. She appreciated the efforts of TPAD for investing time and effort to maintain the culture.

Srini Gangadhara and Indrani Pancherupula have felicitated the singers, Anudeep, Parnika and Manisha.

Pavan Gangadhara (BOT Co Chair) thanked the community for turning up in big number despite rain and thunderstorms.

Chandra Reddy Police (Secretary) thanked the sponsors for generous donations for the celebrations and helping promote our culture and charity activities conducted by TPAD.

The TPAD leadership said, 400 volunteers worked behind the scenes for past 2 months. Of the 21 committees, with 42 chairs and co-chairs, there were more than 20 women chairs and co-chairs.

The TPAD leadership thanked the sponsors and media for their support in organizing the celebration and other TPAD activities throughout the year.



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