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Young woman tried to honey-trap me, says Reddy

Young woman tried to honey-trap me, says Reddy

Chitradurga (Karnataka): Chitradurga BJP MLA Tippa Reddy has filed a complaint with cyber police in connection with a video call made by a nude young woman, police sources said on Wednesday.

According to police sources, it was a futile attempt made by a gang to honey trap the senior leader. The gang has come under police radar as the MLA filed a complaint regarding the incident.

MLA Tippa Reddy got a call from an unknown woman on October 31. Initially it was a normal call, but then she made a video call on Whatsapp. The BJP leader was shocked to see a naked woman on the other side who was speaking in Hindi.

Immediately, the legislator disconnected the call. After this, he received several porn videos from that mobile number. The legislator had deleted all the videos and blocked the number, police sources said.

The politician then lodged a complaint with the Chitradurga cyber police and demanded action against the culprits.

However, the police are tight-lipped about the incident.

Since Assembly elections in the state are fast approaching, it might be the handiwork of his political rivals to honey trap him, the sources said.

Further investigation is on.


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