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Vaccine Unavailable Despite Cases Going Up

Vaccine Unavailable Despite Cases Going Up

The existing scenario in India is that the cases are going up every day with more Covid 19 positive cases reported and more deaths witnessed.

Several countries have already banned the tourists from India. The US is stopping all flights from India and all passengers from India to its land from April 4. 

More than a dozen countries have imposed restrictions on the movement of Indian travellers to their countries from May 1. 

The situation is so alarming that people are struggling to find a bed in the hospital, oxygen to the patients and vaccine to the people. 

People are made to sit on the floor or under the streets in every hospital across the country. There are incidents where some patients are made to carry their own oxygen cylinders and wait outside the hospitals. 

The dead bodies are being dumped in dozens every day in the crematoria and grave yards across the country.

While the situation being so, the two variants of the vaccine is not available to meet the demand. 

The hospitals, primary health centres and other places where the vaccine was given initially remained closed these days. 

People are turning out in large numbers and going back unattended and without vaccination every day. 

The irony is that some people who were given the first dose of vaccine are struggling hard to find vaccine for the second dose. 

The situation proves the fatal failure of the Modi government which could not provide the required strength of doses of both Covaxine and Covishield as it claimed earlier.

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