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'New Age Ravan,' Says BJP On Rahul Gandhi Poster

'New Age Ravan,' Says BJP On Rahul Gandhi Poster

A poster created by the BJP depicting Congress MP Rahul Gandhi as Ravan has ignited a war of words between the rival parties.

The BJP shared a creative poster resembling a film poster on their social media platform X (formerly Twitter), where Rahul Gandhi is portrayed with multiple heads, akin to the mythical character Ravan.

The poster bears the caption "Ravan, a Congress party production, directed by George Soros," referencing the Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist George Soros, whose international donations are often criticized as interference in domestic affairs.

"The new-age Ravan is here. He is Evil. Anti-Dharma. Anti-Ram. His aim is to destroy Bharat," stated the BJP in the post on X.

In response, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh criticized the BJP's post, claiming it was meant "to incite and provoke violence" against Rahul Gandhi.

KC Venugopal also condemned the graphic, pointing out the BJP's withdrawal of Rahul Gandhi's SPG protection and failure to provide him with secure accommodation, suggesting a conspiracy to eliminate a prominent critic of their ideology.

As Rajasthan and several other states gear up for assembly elections, it is expected that poster wars between political parties will intensify in the coming weeks.


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