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YSRCP ahead of NDA in poll management?

YSRCP ahead of NDA in poll management?

The campaigning for the high-profile assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh will come to an end by Saturday evening and the political parties would focus on enticing the electorate with various allurements in the next 48 hours.

Apart from that, what is more important for the political parties is the poll management – convincing the voters at the eleventh hour by taking up door-to-door canvassing, organising booth-level workers to attract the voters, distribution of money and liquor and taking the voters to the polling stations.

Both the YSR Congress party and Telugu Desam Party are getting ready for the poll management in their respective strongholds across the state.

However, according to sources, the YSRCP is far ahead of the TDP or even Jana Sena Party in terms of poll management.

“While the TDP and the Jana Sena Party are adopting the old strategy of spending money two days ahead of the polling, YSRCP president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has already ensured that the money reached the voters much before the actual electioneering began last month,” sources said.

Secondly, the volunteers’ network has come in handy for the YSRCP not only in distribution of money, but also to identify the real voters for the party. This helped the party find out the neutral voters and lure them towards the party.

The ruling party has also managed the local polling officials and police officials to ensure that the YSRCP voters would get preference over the pro-TDP or pro-Jana Sena Party voters.

The party is also attracting social groups – SCs, STs and BCs, with various freebies so that they would remain loyal to the YSRCP.

The TDP is also trying in its own way, but it is not able to match up to the poll management of the YSRCP, because of the advantage it has.


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