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Young collectors disgusted with TRS rule?

Young collectors disgusted with TRS rule?

If the reports coming from various parts of Telangana are true, several young collectors posted in the newly formed districts are thoroughly disgusted with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government so much so that some of them have represented to chief secretary that they be shifted to various departments.

These young IAS officers were posted as collectors after the delimitation of districts last year with the number going from 10 to 31.

Though they were excited to become collectors at the initial few years of their appointment, they soon realized that they have virtually become glorified tahsildars as their area of operation is very much reduced.

What is worse, they have been under tremendous pressure from local MLAs and other TRS leaders, who are treating them like their subordinates.

A young woman collector from northern Telangana district is learnt to be terribly upset when she was publicly chided by none other than IT minister K T Rama Rao for not taking up developmental works, though the government had sanctioned funds.

He did not even listen to her when she tried to point out that the sanctioned funds were not released at all.

She realized that the TRS government is trying to throw the blame on bureaucrats for lack of development while the fact is that government is announcing schemes but not releasing funds.

She is said to have asked the chief secretary to sanction leave as she was going to get married soon.

Another young collector, who came in the way of encroachments by the local MLA, is now facing privilege motion in the assembly.

She also said to have asked the higher ups to relieve her from the duties and transfer her to some other department, where she can work peacefully.



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