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Yedi Satyam, Yedasatyam?

Yedi Satyam, Yedasatyam?

As Mahakavi Sri Sri said, 'Yedi Satyam, Yedasatyam'. In contemporary politics, the distinction between morals and opportunism is slowly blurring.

Yesterday, Chandrababu Naidu felicitated the TDP MPs for their extraordinary performance in Parliament.

Among those who received plaudits from the Chief Minister was Butta Renuka, Kurnool MP. This lady was elected to the Lok Sabha on the YSRCP Party symbol but recently defected to the TDP.

Y S Jagan’s plea for disqualification of all defectors has remained unheeded. Jagan is justified in asking so because when legislators from Congress and TDP joined YSRCP, he made them resign and fight the elections again.

Had she been a politician alone, none would find fault with Butta Renuka. But this woman also owns a chain of schools in Hyderabad.

Without any values in her political life, what kind of example is she setting the children who study in her schools? Or is it a case of selective corruption where she will be honest when it comes to imparting values to schoolchildren but opportunistic in her political life?

In that case, she would be a right fit in the Jana Sena which says personal and public life are completely different and values in the two should not be compared.


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