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Will Their Delhi Antics Pay Off?

Will Their Delhi Antics Pay Off?

New Delhi: Ponnala Lakshmayya and Hanumantha Rao are two dyed-in-the-wool Congressmen. Even though their party has been finding the going tough in Telangana, these two Congressmen are leaving no stone unturned in Delhi to promote themselves in Delhi.

While Hanumantha Rao is making use of every possible opportunity with Congress seniors by displaying a photo album of him involved in various party and welfare activities, Ponnala is not far behind.

The other day, Ponnala reportedly ran behind Sonia Gandhi and accompanied her up to her car saying that he was Ponnala Lakshmayya, ex-TPCC president. Sonia Gandhi smiled at him and there was no end to Ponnala's happiness.

Will these two be rewarded with some posts for their efforts? 



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