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Will Pawan Stick To Gun Or Follow Chiru?

Power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan, who has a huge fan following in the Telugu states, has finally decided to call it a day for films.

While sharing details about his plans on building the Jana Sena Party from June next so as to prepare it for the 2019 assembly elections, Pawan said he would bid adieu to his films and his last film would be with Trivikram Srinivas in 2018. Thereafter, he said, he would be concentrating on full-time politics.

Well, though it is a bit bad news for his millions of fans, it is good that Pawan Kalyan has made up his mind to focus on full-time politics, rather than sailing two boats at the same time.

But the political observers are sceptical on his announcement, especially after seing his elder brother megastar Chiranjeevi, who entered politics with a lot of hype but got fed up with the politics within five years. He has now returned to film industry with a bang and almost regained his lost glory.

Now, there is no guarantee that Pawan does not follow his brother. Sustaining in politics is not so easy as it is in film industry as one has to face multiple challenges like casteism, money power, rabble rousing, reading the people’s pulse etc.

Moreover, there is no big void in Andhra politics for Pawan to fill up because of presence of strong opposition YSR Congress party.

In fact, Pawan had thought of quitting films long ago during the shooting of Sardar Gabbar Singh but he changed his mind following pressure from his fans. If he fails in politics, there is every possibility that he may come back to films like his brother!



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