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Will JP Join TDP?

In ‘Open Heart with RK’, Jayaprakash Narayan was told by RK, “Many people feel that you should be a part of the TDP. Why do you not join the TDP?” 

What RK meant was that since JP was a Kamma, he naturally belonged in the TDP and the TDP would also benefit from having an intellectual like him in their fold. 

But even back then, there were rumors that Lok Satta was funded by YSR. Chandrababu Naidu himself questioned how Lok Satta could get an election fund of Rs 50 crores for campaigning. 

Now that JP has wound up his party, rumors are afloat that he might actually join the TDP. Just as a fish cannot stay out of water for long, a person from that community cannot stay away from the TDP for long. 

Ultimately, one need not be surprised if after all his intellectual balderdash, JP were to end up in the TDP! Amen!



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