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Why YS Jagan Upset With Vemireddy?

Why YS Jagan Upset With Vemireddy?

It has been learned that Chief Minister YS Jagan has expressed deep displeasure to his close associates over the decision of YCP Rajya Sabha member Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy to leave the party.

It is reported that Jagan said Vemireddy has been given due honor in the party.

It is known that Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy pointed out that the selection of the Nellore City candidate disappointed him. He decided to change the party, saying that he was not given the least value in the party.

It seems that Jagan has expressed his displeasure over Vemireddy's decision to switch parties.

CM Jagan reminded that Vemireddy has been given the post of Rajya Sabha and also the post of Nellore district party president.

It is learned that Jagan has told his close friends that he has decided to make him contest as Nellore MP as his Rajya Sabha term is ending.

It is reported that Jagan said that because of Vemireddy's desire to change Nellore City MLA Anilkumar Yadav, he brought him to Narasaropet.

According to sources, the Chief Minister has selected Deputy Mayor Khaleel as the MLA candidate for Nellore city, following Vemireddy's suggestion to choose someone other than Anil Kumar Yadav.

He reminded that Vemireddy's wife, Prashanthi Reddy, was given a place on the TTD board twice. Also, it is said that Jagan reminded him that he appointed Vemireddy Prashanthi Reddy as the chairperson of the local advisory council in Delhi.

Jagan asked how to understand if Vemireddy walks out from the party even after doing all this.

The party leaders are reminding the fact that he and Prashanthi Reddy were given posts more than Vemireddy's service to YCP.

 They are saying that Vemireddy had talks with Chandrababu and made all arrangements to leave YCP and join TDP and so making some allegations..


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