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Why was Nagababu appointed as Jana Sena GS?

Why was Nagababu appointed as Jana Sena GS?

It has been a decade since Tollywood power star Pawan Kalyan floated his Jana Sena Party. Till now, the party doesn’t have a full-fledged organisational structure. Except that Pawan Kalyan is its president, nobody knows who the other office bearers of the party are.

Of course, we often come across Nadendla Manohar, who is referred to as the chairman of Jana Sena Party’s political affairs committee. But the other members of this committee are nowhere to be seen. The party doesn’t appear to have active state executive committee or district-level committees till date.

So, it evoked a lot of curiosity when there was a statement from the party on Friday that Pawan Kalyan’s brother Konidela Nagababu was appointed as the general secretary of the party, besides Vemulapati Ajay Kumar as the official spokesperson of the party. Ajay will also be looking after national media coordination.

These sudden appointments have led to a lot of speculations, especially that of Nagababu, who has been confined to tweeting controversial messages till now. Inquiries revealed some interesting developments in the party that led to his appointment.

According to sources, Pawan Kalyan has appointed Nagababu as the party general secretary, not for looking after any organisational matters, but to coordinate the fund raising for the party in the run-up to the assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh.

Like any other party, Jana Sena Party, too, has begun mobilisation of funds to fight the next elections. A team of party leaders led by Nagababu went to Australia on the same mission a few weeks ago.

During their tour, it has come to their notice that some fans’ associations have been indulging in collection of funds in the name of Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and other members of Mega family, both within the country and abroad.

This was brought to the notice of Pawan Kalyan, who made enquiries about indiscriminate collection of funds in the name of mega fans’ associations.

Even when Chiranjeevi launched Praja Rajyam Party, such funds collection by his fans’ associations had become a big controversy and finally, it led to the downfall of the party.

Naturally, Pawan is terribly upset with the repetition of such activity now. So, he has appointed Nagababu to coordinate this fundraising activity and to ensure that no fans’ associations would indulge in making money in the name of donations. Obviously, Pawan Kalyan cannot get a more reliable person than his own brother.

However, there will be nothing much for Nagababu to do in the party organisation, which is completely under the control of Pawan Kalyan. Whatever may be the reason for the appointments, the party has at least got two responsible leaders!


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