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Why waiting till March 21 for no-trust motion?

Why waiting till March 21 for no-trust motion?

The budget session of Parliament will resume on March 5 (Monday) and the YSR Congress party has already started its move to take the battle to New Delhi demanding special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

While there is absolutely no doubt in Jagan’s fighting spirits, what has puzzled the political pundits is the date chosen by him for moving no-confidence motion against the Centre on March 21.

According to the party leaders, the party wants to adopt a step-by-step strategy to build pressure on the Centre to grant the status to AP. It starts with the party leaders holding dharna on March 5 at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

“It will be followed up by various programmes and we would raise the issue in the Parliament and question the NDA coalition about the SCS and the protests would continue till the goal is achieved. And on March 21, we shall move no trust vote on March 21,” YSRC MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy said.

However, a source in Delhi says Jagan has deliberately chosen March 21 for the no-confidence motion, though nothing prevents him from doing it earlier.

“If a no-trust motion is moved, it will not be admitted immediately. The party will be given three or four days to mobilise the support of at least 50 MPs and even if they endorse it, it cannot be taken up for motion if there is only 10 days’ time for the closure of the Parliament session,” the source said.

“if the motion is moved at least a week before, the chances of it getting admitted are more,” he said.

However, the intention of Jagan is not to pull down the NDA government, which it cannot because of the huge majority it has in Lok Sabha, but only to expose the Telugu Desam Party and its sincerity in achieving the SCS.

It wants to show to the nation who stands where on the SCS issue and how the promises made during the division of the state were simply traded for personal gains by Naidu.



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