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Why Swamy Is Displeased With Rajan!

Thanks to Subramaniam Swami's outburst, Raghuram Rajan’s tenure as RBI Chief has become a national issue.

It is public knowledge that Swami has censured Rajan’s term as RBI Chief and that he should be sent back to Chicago.

Of course, Rajan was appointed during the tenure of UPA government but appointments such as RBI Chief and Chief of Army Staff tend to be beyond politics.

Rajan’s speech on intolerance at IIT convocation may have not gone down well with Swami who is a champion of Hindutva. But is that reason enough to call for Rajan’s ouster from a position which demands merit as the only criteria?

There are rumors in Delhi that Swami is doing this at the instigation of Amit Shah. But the real reason could be this: Apparently, Rajan had delayed in clearing a file pertaining to the Aircel-Maxis probe.

This gave rise to the impression that Rajan was still pro-UPA whereas he could have taken the time because it was a complicated file. But if true, this explains the reason behind Swami’s animosity towards Rajan!



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